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CareNav™ is a simple, user-friendly tool designed to help families navigate the complexities of the caregiving journey. Register online or call us toll-free at 800.445.8106.

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We are your local Caregiver Resource Center, which means we can offer you these additional services at no cost to you. Register online or call us toll-free at 800.445.8106.

Comprehensive Caregiver Assessment of your individual care situation

Family Consultants who provide personalized, ongoing support and services throughout your caregiving journey

Customized Caregiver Action Plan, which prioritizes your care needs and identifies strategies and resources

Help connecting with community programs including adult day care, home care, and respite

Easy access to classes, webinars, videos, support groups and other education opportunities

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Our Privacy Policy is available here. For information about FCA, please visit caregiver.org/about-fca. If you experience difficulties signing up for Caregiver Navigator or using it, please submit a detailed explanation to info@caregiver.org.